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Traditional Thai massage as offered at RELAX THAI MASSAGE is one of the oldest existing healing systems in the world. This ancient technique combines targeted acupressure with assisted yoga postures and stimulation of energy lines called sen, also know from Chinese medicine as Qi or Ki. 

Read more about the interesting HISTORY OF THAI MASSAGE here.

This ancient healing practice is referred to in the Thai language as nuad or nuad boran. It is quite different from how a sport massage, Swedish massage, chiropractical massage or ostheopedic massage is carried out as we know them in western countries. 

Thai massage at RELAX thai massage 

The Traditional Thai massage offered at RELAX THAI MASSAGE is based on mindfulness, compassion and kindness towards fellow human beings - in this case is the customer receiving the massage.

Buddhist techniques of concentration and breathing are used (and very much needed) for the masseuse to stay concentrated and focused during the entire treatment session that can last for up to 2 hours for a full thai massage.

The only difference in between a thai massage of 1 hour and one of two hours is the amount of time the practitioner can spend on each area and the amount of streching exercises appied. 

We have done our utmost te create a 100% traditional thai massage parlor, and with that a peacfull and relaxed atmosphere where you will feel at home once you enter our humble place.

As in most traditional thai massage parlors we use gentle tranquilizing music with the idea to help the mind relax from the worldly doings of everyday life.

We have done our best efforts in trying to create a small "peace of Thailand" in the heart of Marbella centre and old town, onle minutes from the Marbella Marina Port.

Thai massage energy lines and pressure points

The thai style massage is based on improving the blood circulation and with that the vital energy of the body. 

Thai massage involves the manipulation of these energy lines or meridians by stimulation and pressuring the many pressure points running along all the way from the feet to the head. 

Thai massage WITHOUT OIL

If you opt for our AUTHENTIC THAI MASSAGE please note that it is applied WITHOUT the use of oil.

Hence, you may remain fully clothed during the therapy. Loose clothing is a must in order to allow for the different streching exercises which is part of the session

We also have comfortable loose clothing available at your disposal if you wish to change and to spare your own.

You may also opt for receiving the massage without clothes. This is done in the way that the client is covered with a large thai style cloth (which is the typical way the thai massage is done in Thailand)

Under NO circumstances will you be glared at or looked at by the masseuse while for instance changing position from facing downwrads to facing upwards. 

Streching Techniques applied in Thai Massage

The Thai massage also include a large range of streching techniques, which in addition, enhances the permeability of the muscles and tendons, and improves the energy flow of the receiver. The goal of the massage is to both soften and stretch the muscles and tendons as much as possible according to each indiviual clients physical state. 

The stretching that you will experience during thai massage is quite powerful, and somewhat stronger than many advanced Yoga practices. This is due to the fact that it is implemented not by yourself by someone who is not you :) i.e. someone whom the streching does not hurt.

Hence, due to the implementation of those streching exercises the thai massage helps relieve tensions and knots in the muscles and pulls the muscles back into their normal length. 

While the therapist presses and stimulates the energy flow of the body it releases the stagnation and blockages and offer instant relief for whatever pain or tension there may be in a certain area. 

As a result, even the mind (some would say the brain) will stop reacting to the tensions previously build up in form of stress within the body - and before long, normally already during the massage session, the mobility of the joints will gradually be fully restored, if not, at least greatly improved. 

The pressuring of the meridians is repeated again and again, from diferent angles, during which the relative positions of the trunk and limbs are carefully changed. This is a thorough and systematic process that will vary from client to client depending their specific needs.

Only when the masseuer feels an improvement in the that specific ares will he or she move on to the stretching part of the thai massage. 

Thai massage gives Pain Relief

Thai massage Marbella provided to give immediate pain relief, including to those suffering from chronic ailments such as scapula costal syndrome.

Researchers say that people respond better to human touch and tender touch of another human being.

The calm, confident and soothing touch of a certified massage practitioner makes the client calmer and offers immediate pain relief. It makes them forget their worries and problems for some time and clear up the mind.

Come in and try a session of Marbella Thai massage - we are confident that it will revitalize you and help to gain both focus and mental sharpness. 




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